"Ser Mejor" - Translation

June 28, 2015



"Be better"

I have to tell you something
It's something that'll make you feel good
You can feel it because it's in your mind
And tell me if you're the person that you wanted to be

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When you can hear the party start up - Lyrics

June 16, 2015

When you can hear the party start up

Move to the beat now

My party people

When you can hear the party start up

Jumping like your heartbeat

We got everything you need

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"Más que dos" - Translation

June 12, 2015

 "More than just two"

I noticed that I am so like you
And that the sound of your voice encourages me, excites me
I noticed that we're getting something more than just two
And if you're next to me, fear goes away
After all, we are still together to watch the sunrise

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Be mine - Lyrics

June 8, 2015

It's really something

The way your heart keeps saying

This is right, this is right and this is right Oh-Oh

 It's all or nothing, YEAH

Cause I can feel a thousand

Butterflies, butterflies, butterflies Oh-Oh

We're gonna take control

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