Tini The Movie Trailer in English

June 26, 2016

Finally, trailer in English dub came out, but not for UK and American audiences. The movie has been released in the Middle East and with Arabic subtitles (just as a reminder, I don't live there). You can watch the trailer here:
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Jorge in Soy Luna?

June 19, 2016

Will Jorge be in Soy Luna? Will his album be released this year? By now it has been confirmed that Jorge signed the contract with Hollywood Records when Martina did. Photo-shoot for the album cover has been rumored all over the internet. And there's also his unforgettable single "Light your heart". Watch the music video here. A few days ago Jorge gave us some info about his album. Continue reading to find out more

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Movie Premiere in Buenos Aires

June 1, 2016

Everyone were touched by yesterday's big premiere in Buenos Aires, but what's so important about this event is that on this very premiere some actors from Violetta series were presenting it.

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