Tini on Radio Disney LA

April 9, 2016

Tini was at Disney Radio Latin America, she showed us three sneak peeks of her songs from the album & she sung Siempre Brillaras (Acoustic version) as you can hear in the video. 

Few quotes from the interview:
"Disney was like a school for me, because there I've learnt to do everything"

"It was incredible to hear people in Germany singing and speaking in Spanish".

"I fell in love with the stage, as same  as I now love my album".

"Great Escape is about a love story, it's like they're looking for paradise, they run, run... leave the world behind... it's about the love between them two".

"Last night I couldn't sleep and my dad told me to think about something nice, for example, my first show, and I was like "You're not helping me, Dad"".

"The song about my BF is Sigo Adelante".

"The most scary thing was when I was little and I had to go on tour for several months, and at beginning it was like "Wait... What!?", and now I just say "I'll come back in 3 months, no problem"".

"We'll be in Amsterdam, Rome, Madrid and Paris" (for the movie premiers).

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