The New Life Of Violetta

May 22, 2016

Find out what's going to happen in few steps! (This is just the beginning!)
1.Vilu is already a big star, heard and loved all around the world. It seems like all her desires have come to life or aren't they?

2.This is the moment when she's on top of the world, when she's touching the limits, but something started to change. It's like popularity is taking her away from who she is, it makes her feel lonely and empty.

3.When she thought that it can't get harder, gossip about Leon (who's filming music video in L.A.) flirting with beautiful Hollywood star tore her apart.

4.Violetta decides in order to forget Leon to go to Italy. She's staying in a residence for the artists and wants to rebuild her passion for music.

5.She makes new friendships and one with inspirational ballet dancer, Caio. But he seems to have different interests.

6.They spend some time together, and this friendship makes her wonder whether the ballet dancer is actually her love for the lifetime?

7.Naturally, Leon is not giving up. After he found out that Violetta is in Italy, he took the first flight which will take him to his beloved (but he's in company with Ludmila, more chic and stylish than ever).

8.Will Leon get a chance to win Vilu, the only girl he wants and loves? Or her feelings for Caio are much stronger?

To be continued...

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